The best set of test data for WordPress

Whenever a new theme gets built for WordPress one of the most important but often over looked aspects is testing. Apart from the standard stuff like embedding images, page headings, tags etc there is also the more obscure stuff that even the most experience developer can forget about. Twitter embeds for example, or incorrectly sized images or sticky posts, all of which your theme should be able to handle without breaking  as they’re supported natively.

But how do I test my theme?

Enter, possibly the most exhaustive set of test data out there currently. Created by Michael Novotny it contains everything from ridiculously large menus, in-line styling such as lists and headings, missing images, stupidly long post titles, galleries, Twitter embeds, in short basically anything somebody may at some point consider putting in a post or on their site. Just import the test data using the standard importer then go through your nice shiny theme and cry at how much is broken. I’d absolutely recommend it for anyone building or modifying a theme, just setup a demo site, import the test data and you’re away!!

Visit the main site here, check out the demo here, the github repo here and Michael Novotny’s twitter here